President's Update September 27


Hello Fellow Model Railroaders,

It is time for the Maine Model Railroad Tour!  I hope you are all planning to attend as many layouts as possible during the Maine Model Railroad Tour, this weekend.  There have been some changes to the list of layouts that I wanted to pass on to you.  We were informed this week that the layouts of Brian Vaill and Chip Faulter will not be available to the tour due to personal illness.  We hope this does not cause any inconvenience to any of you that will be doing the tour.  Please take note of the changes to the enclosed pdf file.
I also wanted to give you an update on Chip Faulter’s battle with cancer.  Chip remains cancer free at this time.  He has had to discontinue the follow up courses of chemo-therapy because he has incurred some nerve damage in his tongue and throat.  This issue has been developing slowly over the past several months, to the point where his speech is now significantly affected as well as his ability to chew and swallow food.  The cause of these issues is being investigated right now.  So now his recovery from pancreatic cancer has taken on a new twist, that he has to deal with at this time.  This is not great news, but we all wish Chip the best as he continues his recovery from cancer.  I will have a further update for you all at the Fall Event on October 12th.
The Fall Event is coming on October 12th, and I will have a report for you on the recently concluded North Eastern Region Convention along with a brief slide show with some of the details.  Once again, please take some time this weekend to visit some of the layouts on the Maine Model Railroad Tour.  This is a great event and a chance to see the modeling skills of your fellow modelers.
Have a great weekend !
Best regards,
Tage Erickson
Seacoast Division President