Seacoast Division NMRA is a volunteer membership organization that strives to enhance its members' experience in the hobby of model railroading. To achieve this objective, it needs the input and wide participation of its members in its various activities. To attract such wide participation, its activities need to be enjoyable, resulting in the members developing and maintaining positive attitudes about the hobby. Therefore, the Seacoast Division NMRA will operate consistent with the following core values.

Fun   Members and their guests should be able to enjoy themselves at Seacoast Division NMRA-sponsored activities and meetings and feel comfortable to learn and experience new things. A spirit of friendship and camaraderie should prevail along with opportunities to socialize to further the enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading.

Informative  Members share whatever model railroad knowledge or expertise they have with others through answering individuals' questions, giving clinics or presentations, and/or writing articles. As a group, the Division's members have a wide range and depth of knowledge of the hobby of model railroading that others can benefit from.

Supportive   Help other members whenever practical. Show them how to do things and encourage them to try things on their own.

Respectful   Try to understand the basis for others' points of view and be courteous. If a difference of opinion arises, remain polite, considerate, and constructive. Understand and respect that not all modelers have the same skill sets.

Open Minded   Be willing to listen thoughtfully to various points of view and, when appropriate, be willing to accept change. Appreciate that there are many approaches to enjoying the hobby including different model railroad scales and gauges, control systems, and styles and methods of operations.  

Participation    Participate in the Division's activities and programs, oftentimes as a spectator, but also sometimes as a volunteer.   Ask: "How can I be involved?"

 Adopted by Board of Directors April 12, 2014