Maine Layout Tour Review

by Geoff Anthony 

The Maine layout tour was held this year on September 8 2018.

The format was changed a little to include layouts from all over the state.

From the accounts I have received the tour was a success for most layout owners.

Attendance for some layouts was down and some was up.

Having a tour that spanned such a large geographic  area was a challenge but the organization was up to the challenge.

Brandon Kuliks Northern Terminal  in the top photo.

Ed Hamilton’s layout. Great to see kids on the tour!

Bob Bennett’s layout with Mike Stowe , Jim and Mike Pederson left to right .


When you see Mike Pederson next time give him a big thank you for taking on the organization of the Maine Layout Tour.

Mike has a few tee shirts left to sell that help with costs associated with the tour and he would be glad to sell you one!

They are great Tee’s in MEC harvest Yellow with the tour logo on them . 


Zachary Lord running light engines  on Rob Selberg's N scale St James Sub

Zach Lord and Jim Selberg switching.

Sebastian Litrocapes and Jim Selberg work out a head scratcher at the Philip Francis Paper Mill on Rob Selberg's N scale St James Sub

Greg McFarland's Boston and Maine layout .